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Be A Ham Information and Classes

Check out ARRL's "What is Ham Radio" website for Amateur Radio information.
See N7CFO's website for scheduled classes and testing sessions in Western Washington.

The license question pools can be found at:

Helpful instruction and study guides can be found at:

Charts showing US Amateur Radio frequency privileges:

Morse code is not required for any USA Amateur Radio license, but can be fun to learn. A Microsoft® Windows® program that helps to learn morse code can be found at: A website that offers morse code practice is at: Another site at: also has practice for Technician, General and Extra license exams. There are apps for smart phones/tablets/etc. Check out your device's app store for details.

Request a Mentor/Elmer

Elmers (or mentors) provide personal guidance and assistance to would-be hams or newly licensed hams. A ham is a Federal Communications Commission licensed amateur radio operator. Email Don Lockridge, the CVARS Elmer coordinator, and he will have someone contact you.

Amateur Radio License Classes

Day       Date        Time (PT)                      Location                                  Contact            

Nov 18
 thru Dec  9
(4 sessions)
9 AM
  to 1 PM

Boistfort Fire Station (LCFD #13)
 997 Boistfort Road
  Curtis, WA              NEW  11/02/2023 
 Gregg Peterson 
 HAM Radio.pdf

Dec 16

2 PM

 Test Session 
 Mountain View Baptist Church
  1201 Belmont Ave; Centralia
 Jim Pace 

PLEASE email Gregg Peterson at 
                            if you are interested in attending the class.

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